Howdy I'm Megan. I am 15 years old. You know...I really love my fiddle but I LOVE horses! In March I bought my first horse! It is my dream come true! Her name is Pretty Penny and she is a quarter horse. If I’m not playing with the band, or doing school, then you can find me reading a book about horses or drawing them!!!

Here is how I got named Sweet Megan Leigh! Katie wrote this song for me...

Sweet Megan Leigh
Well, let me tell ya 'bout a gal called Sweet Megan Leigh,
She plays a mean ole fiddle, but ridin' sets her free!
She'll rosin up her bow, and play us that Old Joe(Clark),
Then saddle up her horse, there that Megan goes!
Put down your fiddle, lay down your bow.
Get on that horse, it's time to go.
She's ridin' hard, heee heee
Sweet Megan Leigh
Oh you can find her in a barn, jammin' to a melody.
Or goin' with the wind, where she loves to be.
No one can stop her, it's easy to see.
Cause ridin' and fiddlin' is living her dream!
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Megan and her fiddle. Megan and Penny Megan and Penny Megan! Megan! Megan and Penny